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Can I Still Work & Foster? – Everything You Need To Know About Fostering and Employment

Here at Focus Foster Care, we know that fostering is more than ‘just a job’. Foster care is essential and the people who foster are – in our opinion – superheroes without capes. Fostering is a challenging yet rewarding vocation and the role requires far more than simply giving a child a place to stay. All that being said, fostering is a paid profession and foster carers receive an allowance and a fee for their work.

A frequent question we receive from aspiring foster carers is can I still work and foster? If you want to foster but don’t want to give up your current job role, this may not be necessary. In fact, many foster carers continue to work while also caring for a child.

If you are considering becoming a foster carer and are currently employed, keep reading!

Can I Work and Be a Foster Carer?

It is possible to work and foster at the same time. However, you will need to be working in a flexible role in order to be able to fulfil all of your fostering responsibilities. While some of your duties will be predictable – taking children to school and clubs, for example, others are not always planned in advance. Having a job that is accommodating of your fostering responsibilities is essential.

As a Focus foster carer, you will receive a £300 professional fee, paid weekly while you have a child placed in your home. We also provide our carers with a competitive fostering allowance, the total of which varies depending on age. Our fostering team is made up of people who work, as well as people who foster full time.

To be able to offer a child a supportive and nurturing home life, you must be in a financially stable position. Depending on your circumstances, it is possible to earn enough money to be comfortable and meet the additional costs of caring for a child. It is important for all aspiring foster carers to be aware that fees and allowances are only received when a child is placed in their home. When you are not looking after a child, you will not receive any payment.

Due to how foster carer fees and allowances work, we understand why many carers choose to remain in employment. If you want to work and foster, we suggest having a discussion with one of our social workers at the start of your application process. We will be able to answer your questions and help you determine whether fostering is compatible with your current employment circumstances.

If you have a job but fostering is your calling, we want to hear from you! Don’t let your current career hold you back when it may be possible for you to keep working and fulfil your fostering ambitions.

To learn more about fostering children in the West Midlands with Focus Foster Care, get in touch via our online contact form. Alternatively, you can speak to a member of our friendly team today by calling 08005244797.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you work full time and foster?

It is possible to work full time and be a foster carer, but juggling the two roles may be difficult. Foster carers in full time work will need to show that they are still able to meet all of their fostering responsibilities – including taking children to school, social worker meetings, family visits and so on. There are no set rules about fostering and employment, you will need to discuss your circumstances with your social worker. There are foster carers who work full time and part time, and carers who earn a living just through fostering.

How much do foster carers get paid?

At Focus Foster Care, we pay our foster carers a professional fee of £300 per week. UK foster carers also receive a fostering allowance and can also receive council tax relief.

Can you make a living from fostering?

While fostering is far more than just a job to pay the bills, we understand that our foster carers need and deserve to be compensated for the amazing work they do. At Focus Foster Care, we offer our foster carers a competitive allowance and many of our team foster full time. It is possible to earn a living as a foster carer and not need to be employed by anyone else. However, it is important to be aware that payments will stop when you no longer have a child in placement.