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Meet The Team – Sophie, student social worker

It is time for another installment in our Meet The Team series. Today we are introducing Sophie, our newest student social worker. The Meet the Team series is your chance to get to know everyone working here at Focus Foster Care. We are a small and passionate team and we hope you enjoy getting to know us better.

Now, over to Sophie..

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Is it time for a change? – How to transfer to Focus Foster Care

Antibullying Week 2022 – Encouraging children to ‘Reach Out’ for help  

Focus Foster Care team manager wins Best LP Practice Supervisor award

In June this year, Focus Foster Care’s very own team manager, Emma, was nominated for the prestigious title of ‘Best LP Practice Supervisor’ at the Birmingham City University ‘Social Work Practice Learning Celebration Day’. We could not be prouder to announce that Emma went on to win the award. 

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Fostering sibling groups – all the facts

The Fostering Network recently released data showing that there is currently a need for over
9000 new fostering families across the UK. A lack of foster carers can lead to siblings in need of
foster care becoming separated. If you want to become a foster carer, have you considered the
possibility of fostering sibling groups? In this blog post, we are sharing all the information you
need about fostering siblings. With your help, more brothers and sisters can be kept together
during their time in foster care.

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Meet The Team – Lucy, Supervising Social Worker

Welcome back to our latest post in our ‘Meet The Team’ series. These blog posts are here to help new and aspiring foster carers get to know all the team here at Focus Foster Care. We are a small agency but our team is made up of hard working and dedicated people. Recently, a new supervising social worker joined the team. Without further ado, let’s hand you over to Lucy…

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Enjoying the summer holidays as a foster family

Happy summer holidays! The six-week summer break is a wonderful opportunity to spend quality time with the children in your care, to make special memories and to have some much-needed time to rest and recuperate as a family, after a busy year of school. However, as in many situations, the summer holidays can look a little different for foster families. 

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5 Resources To Help Parents and Carers Prevent Accidents In The Home – Child Safety Week 

Helping families stop serious accidents lies at the heart of Child Safety Week, an annual awareness campaign run by the  Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT). As our foster families care for children from 0-18 years, it is important that they know how to prevent any accidents from occurring in the home. 

As a fostering agency, we care deeply about child safety and want to provide our foster carers with as much advice as possible. The theme for this year’s Child Safety Week is Safety In Mind. Accidents are less likely to occur when parents and carers know the risks and know what changes they need to make around the home to keep babies and children safe. 

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Busting Myths About Fostering and the LGBTQ+ Community

Happy Pride month! Pride is a month of celebration for the LGBTQI+ community and as a fostering agency we like to show our support. This year we are marking the occasion by sharing some facts about the fostering and LGBT+ community and we are also sharing some useful resources for parents and carers raising children who identify as LGBTQ+. 

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The Importance of Fostering Communities – Foster Care Fortnight 2022

Every May, The Fostering Network run their annual fostering awareness campaign and each year
there is a different theme. This year, the theme is fostering communities. It takes more than one
person to help a child in need of foster care. In fact, fostering communities are needed to make sure
children, their birth families and their foster carers all get the support they need. Here at Focus
Foster Care, we have a tight-knit community of foster carers and our team here at our independent
fostering agency. We believe in the life-changing power of foster care and work hard as an agency to
support everyone in our community.

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