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Vacancies with Focus

We are always interested in hearing from people who would like to work for Focus Foster Care. If you would like us to hold your CV on file, please email admin@focusfostercare.com
Note: Recruitment agencies need not contact us or apply.

Current Job Vacancies 

Job Title: Foster Carer

We are currently looking to attract people across the West and East
Midland regions to join our family of Foster Carers. Working together
with our Foster Carers we are committed to enabling children and
young people locally to have a safe and nurturing place to grow and

Here are some factors that we look for from our foster families:

  • A spare bedroom
  • You must be over 21 years of age
  • An ability to drive or have access to regular public
  • Some experience of looking after children
  • Commitment to training and personal development


    When you become a foster carer with us you will benefit from the
  • An average of £20,000 per annum per child that you care
  • Experienced team supporting you
  • A personal training and development plan
  • Monthly supervision with your supervising social worker
  • Monthly meetings with other Foster Carers
  • Regular social events
  • Birth children support groups and activities

Job Title: Panel Member for Fostering Panel

Accountable to: The Fostering Panel Chair

We strive to achieve diversity within our panel, reflective of the experiences of the young people within our care, as such we are primarily looking for panel members to join our central list who have care experience themselves.

The Purpose of the job and Your Responsibilities:

1. To prepare for and attend all Panel meetings; these will take place approximately once a month.

2. To have an awareness of issues relating to fostering, both professionally and personally, and to
have a clear knowledge of the relevant legislation and good practice recommendations as relates
to foster care.

3. To have a commitment to read and analyse reports, and contribute to discussions at panel

4. To promote anti-discriminatory practice and ensure that decisions reflect the assessed needs of
children and potential carers.

5. To consider the suitability of prospective foster carers as detailed in the Care Standards Act 2000
and Fostering Services Regulations 2011; these include:
a) To consider each application for approval and to recommend whether or not a person is
suitable to act as a foster parent.
b) Where approval of a foster carer is recommended, to recommend the terms on which
the approval is given.
c) To recommend whether a person remains suitable to act as a foster parent, and whether
or not the terms of their approval remains appropriate.
d) To advise on the procedures under which reviews are carried out and periodically
monitor their effectiveness.
e) To oversee the conduct of assessments carried out and to give advice and make
recommendations on such other matters or cases as referred to the Foster panel.

6. Potentially to contribute to the matching process of children placed with carers on a long term

7. To undertake such other duties or training as may be reasonably required to be consistent with
the general level of responsibility of this job.

8. To perform an appropriate quality assurance role as part of the Panel, and identify any perceived
shortfalls in the assessment process, to enable the Panel Chair to provide feedback to the Agency Decision Maker.

9. To ensure that the welfare of any children who may be placed with foster carers remains the
paramount importance.

Experience required

Experience professionally or personally of the placement of children in foster families and of
children being cared for away from their birth family.

An understanding of the Fostering process and of the legislative framework for the work of the
panel, or the capacity to develop this knowledge quickly.

Skills and Abilities

An appreciation of the effect of separation and loss on children.

Awareness of the diversity of families and their potential for meeting children’s needs.

An understanding of the purpose and function of the panel and of the agency, which the panel is

Excellent interpersonal and listening skills.

The ability to communicate well and clearly both verbally and in writing.

The ability to process and analyse large amounts of complex and sometimes distressing

The ability to identify key issues and possible solutions and to communicate these clearly.

An understanding of, and a commitment to, the need for confidentiality.

A willingness to contribute constructively to the annual review of their role as panel chair.

Qualifications and Training

To attend training courses relevant to the post

A willingness to increase knowledge and understanding of issues through reading, discussion and

Other Factors

A valuing of diversity in relation to issues of ethnicity, religion, gender, disability and sexuality.

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