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11 Things Children Want To Know Before Joining a Fostering Family

Here on the Focus Foster Care blog, we talk a lot about the realities of life as a foster carer and share our advice for people considering a fostering career. We have interviewed several our foster carers, sharing their experiences and words of wisdom. Through our ‘Meet the Team’ series, our social workers and office staff have shared their thoughts on foster care and the importance of supporting everyone involved in creating the best possible outcomes. We have also shared the valuable insights of some of the children we look after and the thoughts of our foster carers birth children too. This blog provides a wealth of information for potential and existing foster carers and today we are thrilled to be sharing the voices of more children in our ‘fostering family’.

If you have been thinking about fostering but are unsure how you can best support the children in your care, you need to keep reading!

Our manager Emma and one of our young people, discussing the questions children would like to ask their foster carers before coming to live with them.

We recently asked some of our children about what they felt were important qualities in a foster carer and what we should be asking of people who are considering becoming foster carers.

This is what they had to say..

✨ Do you have fidget toys because they really help me when I’m stressed?

✨ Will you read with me at bedtime to help me settle?

✨ Can I bring some of my special things from home with me when I come to live with you?

✨Will you take me to see my family?

✨Would you help me with my homework?

✨ How long do you work for? Are you going to be gone all day?

✨ Do you have any lego or toys to play with?

✨ How many animals do you have, are they friendly? Do they bite?

✨ Will I have my own bedroom?

✨ Do you have a garden? How big is it?

✨ Who will I meet when I come to live with you?

Living away from home with a fostering family is a huge life change for children of all ages. The more reassurance and information about your home life that you can share with a child right from the start, the better. While we know that all of our foster carers do a fantastic job and are nurturing and loving people, it can be daunting for children to move in with a fostering family and the adjustment period can be challenging. We are here to support you and the children in your care.

If you are considering becoming a foster carer and want to change the lives of children in the West Midlands, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Focus Foster Care is a Kenilworth based independent fostering agency and we work with nurturing and compassionate carers to provide outstanding foster care to children in the local area. Call us today on 08005244797 or get in touch online. We look forward to hearing from you soon!