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Meet The Team – Sarah, Business Manager

Welcome back to Meet The Team, our blog series dedicated to the amazing people working at Focus Foster Care. Today, we are introducing you to our business manager, Sarah. Our Meet The Team interviews provide our new and potential foster carers the opportunity to meet everyone who makes our independent fostering agency a success.

Without further adieu, let’s hear from Sarah…

Sarah – Business Manager

Name: Sarah Meadowcroft

What is your job role? Business Manager

When did you start working for Focus? Before it was born in 2016, Myself and Kevin spent many hours locked away in an office the size of a broom cupboard writing policies, procedures, advertising strategies, business models, finances, recruiting, knocking on doors, leaflet dropping, cleaning, making cups of tea, but mainly putting our own experiences together looking at establishing an agency that actually does what it professes to do. We had a shared vision borne out of our lengthy careers in social work / fostering services and we vowed we would make an organisation that its employees wanted to come into work, that foster carers are supported properly and we never ever ever wanted to see the blame culture in our organisation. Look what has happened 8 years on!! We have a fabulous team we laugh we cry but most of all everyone supports each other and we have fun. I am so proud that I was at the beginning of the journey and that everything has evolved so beautifully.

What do you love about working at Focus? I love our little “work family” everybody cares for each other. We support each other through good and bad times which makes us a strong independent team. All ideas are welcome even if they are daft! I’ve had few of those over the years that is for sure but everyone is listened to and discussions are more than welcome. We have only fallen out a couple of times but that’s been with Kevin as we are both very head strong in our approaches. Its healthy to have disagreements its not healthy to hold onto them which we absolutely don’t as we both cannot keep quiet for a minute anyway!! We love lots of banter and really don’t take ourselves too seriously

What have you learnt about fostering that you think all potential foster carers should know? Don’t be put off by the assessment process, it can be lengthy but it is worth it in the end. Our foster carers are an inspiration, sometimes the work they do is heart breaking however this is a lot of fun along the way. To see a child develop and thrive is the best feeling and am very proud of our foster carers. If you do want foster for us we will make you our priority and do go over and above for our foster carers. We encourage foster carers to look after each other as well and we have some great mentors who will forever be in our debt for the support they have offered other carers over the years and who support us in our job.

What interests do you have outside of work?/Any other interesting facts you would like to share? Well some think I am mad but I love wild swimming!! I have swam in a lake in a country house estate, old quarries (only with organised groups) the lakes in the lake district and I absolutely love it!!! The biggest achievement so far this year is not wearing a wetsuit throughout the winter, we call this swimming in skins (so just a swimming costume) and I am determined to swim all winter this way!! Oh and not get hyperthermia!

My other passion is my pooch aka Honey the office dog. We love going out for long walks, going to the pub, meeting new people, generally getting very muddy as soon as we step out of the door. She is often (to Kev’s annoyance) in the office or in the residential children’s homes where I work as well (our sister company Archways Care). She is super cute but really really annoying (according to Kev) especially when she barks at pigeons, birds, squirrels, people, noises, treats, balls well anything really!


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