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Meet the team – Jess Rowe-Martin, office administrator

Welcome back to Meet the team, our monthly feature where we introduce another member of the Focus Foster Care team. So far our registered manager Kevin, our social worker Fiona and our supervising social worker Emma have all introduced themselves. The purpose of our Meet the Team posts is to help all potential foster carers to get to know every one at Focus and feel more at ease when making that first phone call and having their first home visits with one of the team. We understand that applying to foster can feel overwhelming and perhaps a bit daunting and we hope these posts will reassure those wanting to foster with us that we are just people too and there’s nothing to worry about. For today’s Meet the team post, we are handing you over to our office administrator, Jess.

Meet the Focus Foster Care office administrator

My name is Jess and I joined the team at Focus Foster Care in November 2017. My role at Focus is the office administrator and this is my first time working in the fostering sector.

Having never worked in this industry before, much of it has been a huge learning curve for me. Focus Foster Care is small yet supportive fostering agency and is a really rewarding place to work.

I love that the Focus office is so welcoming and such a happy place to be, and that the agency’s genuine motive is to do what’s best for carers and children, as well as all of it’s staff.

Something I think potential foster carers should know is that often when a child pushes their carer away, it’s not because they dislike the carer but is more often a self defence mechanism as they feel vulnerable. Looked after children are often worried to have attachments as they are used to being let down and it’s important that their carer knows not to take it personally.

Outside of work, I look after a horse, Skye. I see him every day and we have a lot of fun together. I also really enjoy arts and crafts and have enjoyed using Skye’s shoes as some little projects to make photo frames etc. and more recently, a Christmas tree!

There is a whole team of people who work at Focus Foster Care and make it the successful independent fostering agency it is today. We hope you enjoyed getting to know our office administrator Jess, be sure to come back to our blog soon to meet the rest of the team.

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