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Meet the team – Honey the dog

Welcome back to a very special edition of our Meet the Team blog feature. The Meet the Team blog posts are here to give people a chance to get to know the Focus Foster Care team a bit better and to learn more about what everyone’s jobs here and what makes our independent fostering agency special. Our latest addition to the team is probably not who you are expecting…

Meet the team – Honey the dog

Everyone, meet Honey, our resident office dog! Honey is a gorgeous cockerpoo and has been with us since 17th March 2020. Honey was rescued by Sarah from Spaniel Aid UK.  Honey was Sarah’s lockdown dog and she has settled in very well and is loving being able to sit on Kevin’s sofa whilst he isn’t here in the office.


Honey is 4 years old and loves to play with her tennis balls on the beach and have lots of treats.  She is the cutest dog with the longest eyelashes to flutter to get her own way!  Honey has the whole Focus team wrapped around her little finger.

Welcome to the team, Honey!

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