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Fostering At Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner! Are you ready for the festive fun and excitement? Christmas is supposed to be ‘the most wonderful time of the year’, but this isn’t always the case. The festive season can be challenging for children living away from their birth families. With so much emphasis on ‘family’, navigating Christmas can be difficult for children and their foster carers.

In this blog post, we are sharing what fostering at Christmas is really like. While this time of year can be tricky for looked after children, it can also be fun and enjoyable too. Thanks to the hard work of our amazing foster carers, children in the Focus family will be enjoying a special Christmas this year.

Keep reading to hear from three of our fostering families and discover the reality of being a foster family at Christmas time …

We asked the children placed with us what their birth family traditions were at Christmas time. They said they normally had a white Christmas tree. We have compromised – our tree is green, but the children have chosen the Christmas decorations. When they decorated the tree, they were excited and got into the festive spirit. The children are having a traditional dinner and we have asked the children what they like. The children can then pick their preferred food within the Christmas theme.

On Christmas Eve we have plans to go out for food and to the cinema to see Willie Wonka. This will be an adventure as the children have only been to the cinema once before. We are also taking the children to see The Wizard of Oz over the Christmas period and we will get the train. The children are really excited about this because they have never been on a train before. 

Foster Family 1

For Christmas, this year the children have written their lists to Santa, hung stockings with their names on, helped to decorate the Christmas tree, and chose their favourite decorations to hang. We talked about our Christmas traditions and asked the children if there were any traditions, they would like to share with us, but they had none. We have encouraged the children to think of a new tradition they would like to introduce, and one that was suggested was to help others who don’t have much. We visited a Toy Service at the church and gifted some toys.

Foster Family 2

‘We have a lot of family members visit at Christmas time which the children are not used to as before coming in to care they would just have Christmas with family that lived at home. We are having a family party on Christmas Eve and there will be a bouncy castle for the children. Since the children have come into care they have made a new tradition… they will decorate the Christmas tree’.

Foster Family 3

As you can see, our foster carers are putting in lots of effort to give the children in their care a happy Christmas. There are sure to be difficult and upsetting moments but it is possible for foster families to have a joyful Christmas too.

We would like to wish everyone reading this, our team, foster carers and all the children in our community a merry Christmas and happy new year!

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