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Celebrating children in foster care at the end of the school term.

The academic year has come to an end and what a school year it has been. The summer holidays are here at last and we want to take this opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate all the achievements of some of our young people over the last year.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, this school year has been like no other; home schooling, covid tests, class bubbles isolating and older children having to wear masks in school. It has been a challenging school year for all children but for young people in foster care it has been even more unsettling and difficult.

Children and young people in foster care often have to deal with a lot of change and uncertainty in their life. However, for the past 18 months these children have been dealing with all of the ups and downs of life in foster care while also experiencing all of the restrictions and disruptions of the pandemic.

Despite all of the hardships, our children and young people have once again shown us just how resilient and strong they can be. The pandemic has caused immense disruption to children’s education since March 2020, as well as making life as a foster family more challenging than before, but our looked after children have still made amazing progress at school and at home with their foster families.

We are incredibly proud of all of our children and young people and we wanted to share some of the amazing things they have achieved recently. This blog post is dedicated to all of the children and young people we have worked with over the years, you can achieve anything you set your mind to and we are very proud of you.

Celebrating children in foster care at the end of the school year.

Firstly, we want to say a big well done to A, who has amazed us this year. Through periods of lockdown, she has engaged fully in remote learning and has been given various awards in recognition of her positive attitude to learning and her achievements. All members of the team around her could not be prouder of this young lady’s achievements. Good luck for Year 9 and keep shining! You are brilliant.

D has also worked hard this year and done amazingly well. D had her school report with 1’s in all areas (being the highest she can achieve) and exceeding in most subject areas. D also achieved pupil of the week during the summer term.

E has remained dedicated to his learning and has shown huge improvement in his concentration.

F and G have completed their first year at college and their tutors have been impressed by their continued dedication to their studies. They have re-enrolled for September, continuing with their skills for working life.

H received star of the week (following a period of isolation) and we are really proud.

I received worker of the week for some impressive story writing and proudly showed this to all the staff, including the teacher who nominated her for the award.


J has helped out in the ‘pond area’ at school, taking photographs of the transformation and assisting with planting shrubs.

We have children who have started school and coped so well with the disruption brought about by the pandemic. We also have children moving on to secondary school without having had the usual transition opportunities. We are sure with the fantastic support of our foster carers; these children will soon settle in their new environments, and we wish them well. We look forward to seeing the great things you will all achieve.

As you can see, despite what some people may wrongly assume, children in foster care can achieve amazing things and will often surprise us all with their strength and determination. Well done everyone, all of the team here at Focus Foster Care are so proud of you and we hope you have the most wonderful summer holiday – you all deserve it!

We cannot end this post without saying a big well done to all of our foster carers too. This past year has been extremely challenging for you all but you have all continued to work as hard you can to help the children you care for to feel safe and loved. You have supported these children through a global pandemic – that’s no easy task! We know it has been difficult on so many levels but we want to say thank you for continuing to be there for the children who need you and for doing your best to support them and give them the happy and loving home they need.

From all of us at Focus Foster Care, we are wishing you a restful and fun filled summer and hopefully school life will be back to normal when the new term starts in September.

Now we are coming out of lockdown, are you ready to begin your fostering journey? We are looking for foster carers in the West Midlands and surrounding areas to join our team. Please get in touch if you want to become a foster carer with our independent agency, we would love to hear from you.


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