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20 reasons to become a foster carer in 2020

The New Year is here and most people are setting themselves goals and resolutions for the next twelve months. Whilst we all have our own reasons for making resolutions like eat more healthily/take up jogging and so on, perhaps this year more of us should consider doing something that could change the lives of vulnerable children. Fostering is a challenge, it takes work but is also extremely rewarding. If you want to make a change in 2020 to your own life and make a positive impact on the lives of local children then fostering could be something for you to consider. At our independent fostering agency we believe every child deserves a happy childhood and we do all we can to embrace the lives of vulnerable children. 2020 could be the year you join our team of foster carers and really make a difference where it is needed most. We are not saying don’t take up jogging if that’s something you want to do but if you have a big heart and have been thinking about doing something really worthwhile and rewarding, perhaps you can make 2020 the year you begin your fostering journey. Here are 20 reasons why we think becoming a foster carer is a great goal to set yourself in 2020.

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Meet the team – Fiona Aristidou, social worker

Welcome back to Meet the Team, our monthly blog feature where you can get to know the people who work here at Focus Foster Care a little better. In our first post we introduced you to Kevin our registered manager, you can read all about him by clicking here. Today, our social worker Fiona is taking over. Our Meet the team features are here so you can get to know us all a bit better and, if you are considering becoming a foster carer with our independent fostering agency, hopefully you will feel more at ease about picking up the phone and having a chat with us. We are a small team, we are our own little family and we hope you enjoy getting to know us all. Now, over to Fiona…

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25 ideas to spend quality time together as a foster family this Christmas.

The festive season is now well and truly upon us and this year we have something very special to share with you. At this time of year we can all feel a lot of pressure to spend lots of money on presents for our children. Whilst of course we recognise gifts are a big part of Christmas, we urge you all to try and remember this quote in the lead up to Christmas Day , “Children need our PRESENCE more than they need our PRESENTS “.

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5 things every potential foster carer needs to know

Being a foster carer is not always easy and is something you should think a lot about beforehand. As with many things in life, you cannot ever be completely prepared for life as a foster parent; you can only know exactly what fostering is like when you are going through the experience yourself. However, it is always beneficial to research as much as you can and try and get a better idea of what life might be like if you were to become a foster carer. In this post we are sharing five things we think every potential foster carer needs to know. This list has been compiled with the knowledge of our social workers and team here at Focus Foster Care. If you are considering becoming a foster carer yourself then we hope this post helps you get a better understanding of foster care and what life will be like as a foster parent.

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Would you make a good foster carer? – 6 things we look for in potential foster carers

Putting yourself forward to become a foster carer is a big decision. Some people feel are confident it is the right path for them and believe they will make good foster carers. However, more often than not, potential foster carers spend a lot of time wondering if they will make a good foster carer before they take the first step of making an enquiry. But, what makes a good foster carer? What do fostering agencies look for when assessing people to become foster carers? In this post we are sharing the personal attributes we look for when assessing an applicant’s suitability to become a foster carer with us. A spare room is a necessity, an underlying and unyielding desire to help and support children is essential but there are many more qualities we like to see in our foster carers.

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Welcome to the Focus Foster Care blog

Welcome to the Focus Foster Care blog, the new area of our website where we will be keeping you up to date on all our news and sharing information about becoming a foster carer with us. This blog is new but Focus Foster Care has been running since 2017. All the staff here at Focus Foster Care and our foster carers are passionate about embracing the lives of children in the West Midland area. If you are interested in becoming a foster carer yourself, you can find lots of information on the fostering webpages here on our website. Also, we will be writing regular blog posts here all about our independent fostering agency and providing you with lots of information about fostering

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